Current Series

Gabrielle’s current work¬†investigates alternative approaches to valuing place. It delves into connections between art activism and contemporary witchcraft to challenge the way in which profit-driven development threatens established urban environments, heritage and communities.

  • A world of urban magic and sorcery is evoked using amulets, talismans and collage/drawings in the series, ‘Mystic City’
  • The paintings from ¬†’18 ways to remember and forget’ are based on the floor plans of homes Gabrielle has lived in over the last 40 years.
  • The Dream Plan Project expands on Gabrielle’s ¬†recurring dream of 20 years about the interior of a defunct art space in Redfern.
  • Gabrielle’s earlier Floating Plan Project experiment with floor plans of home’s she has either lived in, visited or written about.